Thursday, September 5, 2013

Maybe I'm Worse Than I Thought ...

I've fully admitted to not being the world's best housekeeper.  With three dogs and three cats, I think I'm doing good if I can keep the hair bunnies at bay.

And I often don't.

I actually used to be a little (note "little") better than I am now, but with freelancing, painting, and Mr. P's, my time is limited.  Or at least mismanaged.

I've been thinking about this lately because I have the Dining for Women group coming over next weekend.  It will probably take me a week to get the house in order! 

So when I saw that Refunk My Junk had some housecleaning and organization tips, I was all over it.

Here's what she posted for a weekly cleaning schedule.  She got it from Classy Clutter.

I read it and my heart dropped.  Really?  Do other people actually do all this everyday?

Now don't get me wrong, we don't live in filth.  I like a nice-looking house. And I do actually wash windows and things like that.  But taking a room each day and washing the windows means you're washing windows everyday.  Everyday?  Wiping down and cleaning walls might happen during my twice-a-year deep cleaning.  I've been supposed to be doing that everyday too? 

And one day a week to clean my craft room?  My craft space and office get tidied up when the piles get so bad I have no bare space left to do anything.  I read once that a messy desk is a sign of a creative mind.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

To be honest, right now I can't even get to my craft space in the basement because I have so much furniture down there waiting to be painted. So the crafting has migrated to the dining room.  If the dining room needs its walls washed weekly, I have a feeling things like burlap, glitter and modge podge on the table are a big no-no.

Now I am feeling totally inadequate.  Apparently I am a big ole housekeeping loser.   

I'm thinking maybe I should try this system for a week to see how long it actually takes.  If Allison at Refunk my Junk can do it with all she has going on, shouldn't I be able to do it too?

But then again it makes me tired just thinking about it ...

Please tell me I'm not the only one who doesn't wipe down baseboards on a daily basis! My self worth has plummeted!


  1. I’m exhausted just looking at that list . . . you need to follow different blogs, Deborah. This evening I asked my hubby to sit in his recliner and tilt back so I could get the dog hair out from under his throne. He suggested we wait until morning light so I could see better. Sounded good to me. Every day? Really? Give me a break!!

  2. In a perfect world, that sounds so good. But in real life, probably next to impossible. Unless of course you have a live-in maid!

  3. When I was working part-time, I tried cleaning one room a week. It worked pretty good, but then I started working full-time. Gave that up real quick. Too tiring and doesn't leave time for anything else. I may have to retire before my walls get cleaned.

  4. Uhh, that list is for crazy Martha Stewart Wannabes. Who has time for that??

  5. That's the most ridiculous list I've ever seen - your entire life would be spent on your hands and knees - Dear God haven't we progressed a little further than that?
    Throw it out immediately - remove it from your blog completely -
    I never want to see that again LMHO
    YOU my friend are completely NORMAL

  6. That list is wild... I have a daily and weekly routine that once you start it and do it the house stays fairly company ready. It's very simple and it does not involve wiping baseboards and cleaning windows daily. I found a site you might find helpful. She does things in 15 min slots of time, routines you set up that are real simple, house divided into weekly zones done in the 15 min slots, etc. You may want to check her out she has helped me get ahead of the clutter and I no longer feel guilty about not getting to it.. Good luck hope this was helpful.

  7. Too funny! What a hoot! Oh wait.....maybe they were serious, huh? LOL

    But FYI......get yourself a Swiffer Duster, and run around the house for a few minutes, grabbing cobwebs, and running the tops of baseboards! Done! Then go have a cup a tea and some cookies! :O)

  8. Wiping down the baseboard is not even on any list I would ever have - should I ever have a list. If I see something needs done, I do it. I don't feel we are failures, we just have different priorities. Blessings

  9. I do a version of this schedule and I can knock it out in 30 minutes. Instead of wandering aimlessly around never really getting to anything this helps me stay focused and get to everything.

  10. I agree with Cathy regarding Flylady. You concentrate on one zone (room) per week for deeper cleaning. The other rooms I keep "up" wit. The good thing is you have all week to do the one room. Its worth a read. I can't image cleaning walls and baseboars everyday, along with the rest of that list! Nope, not happening!:)

  11. Opps, sorry for all the typos! Lol


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