Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thrifty Holiday Vignettes

As I posted Sunday, I decided to give myself a little challenge.  Since I'm changing the colors of my holiday decor, I decided to see what I could come up with just using thrift store and Dollar Tree finds.  Now this is not to imply that these would be the only additions I'll be making to my decor. I mean come on .... I love this stuff!  I just thought it would be fun (am I the only one who finds things like this fun?) to do some design on a dime decor.

So with $25 in my hot little hand, I hit Goodwill, the Dollar Tree, and my favorite local thrift store Yesterday's Rose, and picked up random stuff in my color scheme that caught my eye.  As a reminder, this is what I started with.  You can see a list on Sunday's post.

 From the Dollar Tree

 From the Thrift Store

From Goodwill

I did cheat a little.  I went back to the Dollar Tree to pick up two more little trees that I had seen but not bought.  Upon reflection I decided I needed those trees!  And they were just $1.69 a piece. I've never really shopped at the Dollar Tree, but I've got to say I was impressed with the selection of holiday decorations.

So here's my first vignette:

I took one of the white wreaths and wrapped some of the silver ribbon and some of the silver garland around it.  I attached one of the snowflakes, and hung it with some of the thrift store ribbon over the mirror in my foyer.

On the console below that I put the trees.  I put one of them with some faux snow in one of the glass pieces from the thrift store, and flanked the trees with two of the thrift store votive holders that I painted with my faux mercury treatment.  Then I scattered some of the snowflakes and little packages.

For the second vignette I hung the silver beads and a snowflake from the thrift store on my decorative iron thinga-ma-jiggy on a chest (which used to be in the dining room) in the foyer. 

I used the two glass candlesticks from Goodwill and the candles from the Dollar Tree, along with more of the glass pieces from the thrift store made into faux mercury.

I put the silver ornaments and some snowflakes in one of my vintage white pottery bowls.

And one of the silk poinsettias from Goodwill in a vase that I had previously done the faux mercury treatment on, along with some greenery.

I thought that would be acceptable with the challenge since the vase was originally from the thrift store and I already had the pottery bowl.  But for the purists out there who think I should stay strictly in the parameters of using only my finds, I also did a version with the green plastic bowl from the Dollar Tree ...

and adding the candlestick from the thrift store and the skinny vase from Goodwill.

So I think I successfully met the challenge!  I have quite a few things left over that I'll mix in with the decorations throughout the house.

Now I have to finish a couple of crafts for my next endeavor ...

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  1. The only 'decorations' that I have up as of now are the two mercury glass candle holders that I bought while we were together on Monday. I took them out of the Home Goods bag and plunked them onto the family room mantle.

    Your decorations look lovely ... and I'm getting motivation to do my own.

  2. I have to try the mercury glass technique - it's so cool! Very rich-looking :)

  3. Deborah, you did a beautiful job with your vignette. Your mirror with the wreath is gorgeous!

  4. So pretty, sparkly and fun! Looks great. Thanks for sharing with our party.

  5. great job every thing looks fabulous


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