Thursday, November 8, 2012

Auction this Saturday

Well, I've got to say it's been an eventful week so far.

It started out with another trip to the emergency room.  This makes two trips in two months -- I hope it isn't going to become a habit! 

This time it was for an allergic reaction, and other than being freaked out at first by being covered in hives, it turned out to be nothing too serious.  I've been a little drowsy from the antihistamines I've been having to take, so that's given me the perfect excuse to stay at home and work on some Thanksgiving  and Christmas craft items for Mr. P's.  (I'll show you the Thanksgiving items I've been working on soon.)

Then of course there was the presidential election -- but the big news of the week is I finally made my first furniture sale at the shop!  :-)

So, next on the agenda is the auction this weekend.

The Leesburg Court of Shoppes, Mr. P's Emporium's current home, is having their first auction this Saturday in the barn behind the antique mall.  The staff has been working for weeks cleaning and renovating the barn to get it ready. 

I'm just putting in a few items this time since I haven't been open very long and I've never participated in an auction.

I'll have this cute little coastal chic demilune table.

This end table that I recently did in ASCP French Linen.

And this project chair (sturdy, at no reserve) that's been sitting in my garage for way too long waiting for me to get around to giving it the TLC in deserves.  It may look a bit sad now, but there's a beautiful chair in there just waiting for someone to give it a second chance!

I need some love!

I may only have a couple of things in the auction, but there are tons of items from the other vendors in the mall, plus $1,000 in gift certificates to the Leesburg Court of Shoppes will be given away during the event!!   You can see more photos and get more details here.

The preview starts at 8 a.m., and the auction starts at 10 a.m.  The Leesburg Court of Shoppes is located at 19487 James Monroe Hwy in Leesburg.  It's just 1.5 miles north of Oatlands Plantation and 4 miles south of downtown Leesburg on Rt. 15 South.

So if you're in the Northern Virginia area, I hope you'll stop by and say hi!  I'll be there -- hopefully hive-free!


  1. Hooray for your first furniture sale in the shop!!! Which one was it? (You forgot to tell us ... perhaps it was the antihistamines fogging your brain or something.)

  2. Congratulation on your first big sale, Deborah. Wishing you good luck with the auction!! Autumn seems to have brought welcome relief to a long summer. People are out enjoying these glorious days. Don’t scratch (especially your nose ~ they might take it for an unintended bid) and have fun.

  3. wow, thats so awesome i wish i were closer i would so be there! i LUV that chair too!


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