Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Here's the thing:  I keep finding things that are such great deals I can't pass them up.  But I'm running out of room in the garage for the things I want to refresh and/or resell. When I mentioned this to a friend she asked, "Why don't you just quit shopping?"  My jaw dropped and I sputtered, "Wha ... wha?"  Didn't she understand shopping is in my blood?  There's a reason this blog is named Confessions of a Craigslist Junkie! She also mentioned something about sending my name to one of those shows about hoarders, but I ignored her.

I really, really want a "real" space (as opposed to just online). The small things I put in Mr. P's Emporium on Etsy, but furniture and heavier items just don't work because of the high shipping costs. I sell on Craigslist, have a couple of pieces on consignment, and I'll do more tag sales in the spring, but I want to get further into the vintage furniture and home accessories business.

So imagine how excited I was when I thought I had a space in my favorite shop in downtown Leesburg.  After looking at photos of my pieces and checking out Mr. P's, the owner basically told me I had it; she just had to check with her partner.  She said she was the one who is mainly running the shop, but she wanted to give her partner the courtesy of a call.  It was the perfect space for me because it was small.  I'm a bit concerned about leasing a large space because I work, and since this would be my first "real" shop I want to make sure I have the time to keep it well-stocked.  Plus I don't want to have to spend a ton on rent when I'm just starting out. This place would have been a great first step as I learn about the business. I was already figuring out how I was going to decorate it!  Then after putting me off for a couple of weeks she told me she decided to lease it to a vendor who is already in the shop.  Needless to say ... big disappointment, and it's no longer my favorite shop!

So I'll keep looking, and I'm still shopping!

I checked out a yard sale last weekend and found some great primitive pieces. This vintage harvest basket was $10. Ten bucks!  It's got the original straps.

At the same yard sale I found two old wood packing boxes.  This one was for Alaskan salmon and the writing is still vivid.

This one is older and unique.  It still has its label.

I saw a blog post (sorry, I don't remember whose it was, otherwise I'd give credit!) about putting casters on the bottom and using these boxes for rolling storage. Great idea.

Maybe I'll just keep everything.  But then I wouldn't need a shop -- we'd just need a bigger house!

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  1. hey there- the girls of stylish patina are starting a barn sale in frederick in november- maybe that is something you could do? i am not doing it as i have way too much on my plate with the house, and the rent was a little high for my taste (meaning i am too cheap!!!) but maybe it would be an option for you?

  2. Great find on the harvest basket! And I feel your pain my garage and basement is stuffed, and don't get me started on the dishes!!! Thanks for sharing, Laura - Cottage and Broome

  3. Awe... I was so excited reading your post... then I got bummed :( Can't imagine how you felt! I guess it means something else is waiting for you. I'll bet you look back and go; "Whew, am I glad I didn't get that space!" Here's wishing the right thing comes along soon =)

  4. Love the basket find! Tisk, tisk on your friend suggesting you stop shopping! Too bad about the shop but you will find another. Good luck!

  5. It wasn't meant to be! But the possibility got you started thinking about now you would work it all out. Something is going to come up soon! And maybe a bit closer to home.

  6. i just stumbled upon your blog. i had to chuckle at the name of it. one of my staffers, lori, swears she needs a 12 step program for craigslist addiction. it's the first thing she does in the morning and the last thing she checks at night. i must admit, she's gotten a lot of fabulous finds!! i love the basket and the wooden boxes - anything with a sense of history makes the difference in a home! love it!!

  7. I love the wheels idea too. Those would be such great storage space in an office or even a kitchen would be neat.

  8. "..we'd just need a bigger house!" LOL! So sorry about your retail space falling through. I've been thinking of retailing my transformations in a small space as well. I decided to try some craft shows first just to see if re-selling is for me. I sure hope you find another space. Love your newest finds. I'm a vintage girl too:)

  9. You had me so excited about the retail space, because like you, I sell the small stuff on Etsy but larger stuff would be tough. I was thinking, "she's living my dream!' Major bummer that it fell through, but I'm betting something even better will come up for you (and for me too.) Keep us posted!


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