Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lighten Up!

The weather finally cooperated and I'm finishing some projects!  I found this set on Craigslist.  I love the legs and the detailing, and they are solid mahogany.  However, they were totally scratched up on the tops and would need a major refinishing.

Since I already have an unfinished dining table in my garage that needs to be stripped, I didn't want to take on another refinishing job. Plus the fact that I'm teaching myself how to refinish as I go along and have already made mucho mistakes that I've had to fix on the dining table. I had visions of sweating over these little tables for months! 

I've been painting furniture for a number of years now, but the dining table is my first refinishing project. And until I get that figured out I'm not trying another one!  Of course if I would have read all of the directions in the first place ... but that's another issue.

So I patched and sanded the deep scratches and decided to paint the tables with "Old White" caulk paint.

I then distressed them a bit to bring out some of the detail.

I think they look much fresher now.

I can see them in a room like this:

via Pinterest

I love this look!

Or this:

Love and Lilac

But since I don't have a place to put them, I think I'll be selling the set (Mr. P not included!).

On another note, I know people are looking at my blog because I see the page counts, but I'm getting an inferiority complex about my number of followers.  I know that some of my friends have subscribed via email, but that's not becoming a follower.  So please consider following me!  I'm going to be doing a give-away next week as a bribe!

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