Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Catastrophe ... Or Meant to Be?

I'm working my patooti off trying to get projects done before the Tag Sale on Saturday. But today it seemed like for every step I took forward I took two back.  A dresser needed a lot more work than I thought and I probably shouldn't have bought it.  The poly coat I did yesterday on a chair was still not dry.  One thing after another.

But I was really happy with one piece I had done.  I found this coffee table on Craigslist for $40 and loved its lines.  It was in good shape and just needed some cleaning and freshening.  Not showing in this photo is the glass piece that goes on top, it's heavy and beautifully beveled. 

I decided to paint the table white.  I love white furniture, and have it throughout our house.  I think a room with white furniture is calming and beautiful  White can be crisp and modern or romantic country -- and everything in-between.

Country Living Magazine

Via Pinterest

Country Living Magazine

I painted the piece with Annie Sloan Old White, slightly distressed it, and finished with the clear wax.  I just love the lines of the table, the curved bar underneath and the detailing on the legs. Hmmm I was thinking, this would look great in our family room.  But no, I told myself, I have to sell it. That was the whole point of buying it in the first place. I have a problem with letting go of some of my favorite finds, even if I have no room or need for the piece. It's part of the junkie thing.

I had taken the glass out while painting, and carefully put it out of the way in the garage so it wouldn't get knocked over.  I cleaned it up then took it inside to put on the table. 

Did I mention the glass was very heavy? Have I told you I'm a klutz?

As I was putting it on the top I lost my grip on the glass.

So it's not going in the sale after all.  It just wasn't my day today. 

Or maybe it was ... because once I get the glass replaced it will probably end up in the family room after all.  I mean, it was obviously meant to be!

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