Monday, March 24, 2014

A Tough Week & Checking In at Mr. P's

Last week was a tough one, and I'm sorry I didn't do a post.  First of all, we had to put Louie, one of our beloved cats, to sleep. We called Louie "the lump of love" because of his temperament and heft.  Long story short, he had two types of lymphoma and after fighting it for almost a year, it was his time to go. We will miss him dearly.

On top of that, we had the real estate agent over to begin the process of selling our house.  The good news is the house is worth more than we thought it was.  The bad news is even though I've been busting my behind clearing things out and making numerous trips to Goodwill, I still have more work to do.   Plus, apparently houses are selling quickly in our neighborhood, so we need to get going on finding a new one to live in.  We've narrowed our search to a cute little town about an hour from where we live now.

It's been awhile, so today I thought I'd take you over to Mr. P's Emporium and show you how things are looking there these days.
Out front is a painted washstand and a couple of end tables, and we have a lot of drawings, vintage prints and paintings in stock right now.


There are smalls like platters and serving pieces.

Milk glass ...

And these old seltzer bottles.



A vintage console/buffet with grain sacks, an old pudding mold and ironstone platters.
A small table -- perfect for a small little breakfast nook or sun porch.

The buffet I showed you here.

And a great Old White buffet with Provence details.

We also have hand made sachets, candles and soap!
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of Mr. P's.  It's always changing as things get bought and new pieces move in, so if you're in the area please come and visit!  We're located at 9720 Liberia Avenue in Manassas, VA in The Homestore.



  1. I'm very sorry to hear about your cat...pets bring so much love and joy into our lives...I know you will miss him terribly. Your space looks full of wonderful goodies!

  2. i am so sorry about louie. :( thinking of you.

  3. You have so much going on. I'm really sorry to hear about Louie. I know how hard you worked to do what was best for him. So, where are you thinking about going? Do tell.


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