Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ironstone Platters

I love vintage white ironstone.  Originally made as "the poor man's china," I think this utilitarian classic is the perfect accent to any decorating style.
Ironstone platters are, I think, my favorites. The main thing I love about platters--vintage or new--is their versatility.  Yes, you can serve food on them, but you can do so much more!
Use a platter to display a grouping of colored glass pieces for a beautiful centerpiece or tabletop vignette.

Have you ever found a vintage platter that's a bit too discolored in the middle for your taste?  How about decoupaging it? 

Nice and Easy Antiques

I absolutely love this idea of displaying a platter within an empty frame. The baby's breath is nice touch--lavender would be lovely too.


And this one using a window frame. (Also notice the display of silverware underneath!)

French Laundry Blog

Use a platter to corral a collection.

Country Living

Of course you can display your platters with your other ironstone pieces.

French Country Cottage

And ironstone platters make great wall hangings.

A Glimpse of my World

Mix them with other elements like these little posters.

Martha Stewart

And don't think they have to be hung in a dining room or kitchen only.  Miss Mustard Seed uses them as art in her bedroom.  Because of their simplicity, they work in any room in your house!

Miss Mustard Seed

If I've inspired you, you've decided you need some platters, and you're in the Northern Virginia area--I just got a few vintage platters in at Mr. P's Emporium!  Check out our Facebook page for location and hours.  I'd love it if you'd Like us too!


  1. Very beautiful shares!

  2. I'm a lover of ironstone too!! Great ideas for platters. I especially love the one hanging in the middle of the window.
    Mary Alice

  3. Girls just gotta have Ironstone! (not in the bedroom, though, it seems weird.)

  4. Great ideas. I especially like the decopauge idea. Thank you.

  5. I saw those on the Graphics Fairy's blog, who shared them from Nice and Easy Antiques' blog. Both those sites have great ideas!


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