Monday, October 1, 2012

Moving Day & Camera Woes

I know I told you I'd post a preview of what I was taking to the new space for Mr. P's Emporium.  And I did take photos of a couple of new projects.

And today we moved into the space.  It still needs some merchandising, but I bet you'd like to see how it looks so far. 

And I'd just love to show you!

So why are you looking at a photo of the antique mall's sign?

Because I lost my camera!

Somehow in the craziness of the weekend it has disappeared.  I was thinking (hoping) I may have accidentally packed it up with the small items I was moving into the space, but when I unpacked today it wasn't there.

So I'm on the great camera hunt.  It has to be somewhere, right?  Right???

If I don't find it before I head out with more stuff to the shop tomorrow, I'll at least take a photo with my phone camera to show you how it's looking.

One thing I know for sure -- I'm so glad I didn't end up going with the smaller space!  As it is I had to take some furniture pieces back home because I didn't have room for them.  Any smaller and I would have been in big trouble.

But I wanted to start out small to keep the rent down since I have no idea how my things will sell in this location. 

So I'll start small and think big!


  1. Drat, double drat ~ what do you mean you lost your camera? Breathe, retrace those thousand steps you took . . . I’ve only been waiting ALL weekend to see your space. Congratulations, dear, it’s a wonderful start.

  2. I can't wait to see your space! I haven't been a dealer since before my son was born but I miss it dearly. I loved setting everything up, changing things with the seasons and coming in to check my box and see all those sold tags. Wishing you much success!


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