Friday, April 12, 2013

Garden Eye Candy

One of the things I love about this month is how everything is brown one minute--then seemingly overnight perennials just pop up through the garden soil. via Pinterest

Trees sprout green leaves, and flowering bushes are suddenly  full of buds getting ready to burst open.

I am dying to get out and get my hands in the dirt!

But I'm swamped getting things ready for Lucketts, and keeping my booth stocked. 

If I don't focus on painting furniture, there is no way I'll be ready in time for the Spring Market

And while it's a good thing that big things are selling in my booth, I wasn't planning on having to restock it with furniture right now.

So I have to make due with day-dreaming about gardening. via Pinterest

And what better way to do that than with beautiful pictures?

These gardens are lovelier than anything I'll ever have. via Pinterest

But a girl can wish, can't she? via Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed them too.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. At first I thought that rose arbor was yours and I was like what!! I know what you mean and feel your pain.. I'm sending hubby out today to do some gardening that HAS to be done, but that is all we're getting done is the absolute necessary ones! I enjoyed your pictures for sure!

    1. I wish that arbor was mine! Because of all our trees, we don't get enough sun to grow roses. :( One thing for sure--our next house is going to be sunnier!


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