Sunday, July 24, 2011

Favorite Craigslist Finds (So Far)

You know that feeling when you find a designer coat at a fabulous price at some place like TJ Maxx or Loehmans?  Don’t you want to brag about it?  I guess some people want to maintain a full-price image, but not me.  If someone compliments me on something I got at a great price, I feel compelled to share not only how much it was discounted, but where I got it, and if they have any more in case the person who complemented me wants to pick one up for herself! 

That’s the way I feel about these pieces.  I got them all before I started blogging, so I don't have "before" photos. Some I had to do a bit of work on, and some I found just the way you see them.  Either way, I feel a sense of accomplishment when I look at them – they were great finds!  So here are some of my favorites:

I got this console table for just $25 on Craigslist, and haven’t done a thing to it.

This chair was an ugly brown with brown upholstery when I bought it for $40.  I painted it black and had it reupholstered.  I had two cushion covers made (the black-and-white toile here, and a black-and-white stripped version) so I can switch it out if I want to.  It was going to cost me $130 for the reupholster, but the guy ended up not getting to it for three months, so he gave it to me for free!  Even if I’d paid for the upholstery the total would have been $170.  You can’t get chairs like this for $170!

One of two Ikea chairs I bought on Craiglist for $50 each.  I love the Ektorp line because I can change out the slipcovers if I want, and the cost to replace the slipcovers is cheaper than I could make them (if I knew how to sew!).  The basic white loveseat slipcover is just $11.  $11!!!

This hutch was originally a dirty white with outdated hardware, but it only cost me $40.  A little cleaning, a little paint, and some new pulls, and it’s perfect for housing my art supplies!  I love the jolt of turquoise!

I also spent $40 for this.  It wasn’t in the best shape, and I originally planned on painting it.  But I loved the wood grain on the insets, so I decided to splurge and have it professionally fixed and refinished, which still cost me less than I see washstands going for in antique stores.

If you add up everything I just showed you, I bought it all for $195!  What can you get for $195 at retail? 

Well about one-third of this chair:

Pottery Barn

About one-sixteenth of this console: 

Belle Maison Francaise

Not even a quarter of this …

Ballard Designs

Definitely all beautiful, well made pieces of furniture. All from stores that I love. But if you added these three pieces up they total over $3,000.   

See why I'm a Craigslist Junkie???!!!

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  1. Beautiful finds! Love the washstand! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.

  2. OK you big show off!!

    I'm right there with ya! ~giggle~ I adore to show off my stuff! "Where did you ever find that beautiful table?" I stand back and cross my arms and smile at her beautiful carving, her unique look and say "She was in the corner of an antique store for $20 and nobody else wanted her, so I took her home and gave her a fresh coat of white paint." They cannot believe it!!

    A treasure isn't a treasure until somebody loves it! Kudos on all all your marvelous buys:*~:*~:*~:*~They are all worthy of love:*~:*~:*~



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