Thursday, May 8, 2014

Broken Foot - Or How I'm Getting out of Doing the Laundry

As you know our house has been on the market for about a week and a half.  We've had showings but no offers yet.  

Since this is a three dog, two cat family, there is a whole routine we have to go through prior to a showing:  We take off the covers on the furniture in the family room (we have slip covers but they're white and get dog hair and foot prints on them, so I throw a drop cloth over them when we don't have company or showings.  It helps limit the times I have to wash the slip covers.). We stash the dog beds and cat beds, put their bowls in the dishwasher, make sure the kitty boxes are clean, etc.  

This is also a house with two men who, although they are trying, just don't have the same definition of a clean house as I do.  To them, a rinsed bowl in the sink is fine ("Well I rinsed it!).  That means I've been spending my days making sure the counters are always clean, the bathrooms sparkling, and the floors are vacuumed, so we'll be ready at a moment's notice if someone wants to see the house.  In between all this I've been hoping to find time to paint some furniture.  Mr. P's Emporium needs some new merchandise.

The whole process is proving to be quite stressful.  So what do I do?

I break my foot.

Yep.  I stepped on a stone the wrong way, twisted my foot and fell.  I walked around on it for a week hoping it was just a bad sprain, but the pain finally sent me to a doctor.  Now I'm in a boot, on crutches, and am supposed to stay off of it for at least two weeks.

I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to keep the routine going, but it is kind of nice to have my husband wait on me a bit!  Hopefully the right person will come to see the house soon and fall in love with it.

Please hang in there with me as I know I haven't shown you any projects for awhile!  As soon as our lives get back to some sense of normal I'll get back to DIYing.



  1. Oh, my goodness, how terrible! Having your house on the market is stressful ENOUGH! (My daughter slept on the floor when she was 12, rather than have to make her bed perfectly every day!) Best wishes for a quick sale so you can give up on the pre-showing madness!

  2. If the crutches become too much to take, check out a rolling knee caddy/walker. They are wonderful and a lot easier
    on the arm pits. Just Google them. Someone nearby should know something about them.

  3. Oh no, that's not good! Now take a deep breath and heal fast!

  4. Oh Deborah, I'm so, so sorry!!! I'll be sending healing vibes in your direction that you'll be back on both feet quickly! And I looked at your last post, your house is just perfect and beautiful, I've no doubt that it'll sell quickly -- And if it makes you feel any better, we sold our last house with six dogs, so I know what you go through to keep the house perfect! :-) Take care and take it easy when/IF you can!!

  5. Hi,
    Been there done that. You might consider using a wheel chair. You can move about easily and quickly from point A to point B. You lock the wheels, stand up, your hands are free. Lean against the sink or whatever. You have a safe place to sit when you get tired. Crutches are very tiring and difficult to use if you need to free your hands. Good Luck. This too shall pass.


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