Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Getaway

I took the weekend off and went away for a fall getaway with a bunch of girlfriends -- 17 of us in all, ranging from our 40's to 70's.

The plan was to hike, kayak, and take in the fall color in the Shenandoah's. 

That was the plan.  Unfortunately it rained the entire weekend!  That was okay though.

We ate.  Played games.  Ate.  Read.   Ate some more. Drank a lot of wine.

Did I mention we ate?  I think I gained about 5lbs. There was a bit of dancing to get in some exercise, and a few hikes were managed in between showers.  I just told myself that the rainy mist was good for my complexion!

Of course, the day we came home the weather turned beautiful -- but the camaraderie of the weekend was just as lovely.

I have a couple of projects I'm going to try to get down this week, so hopefully I'll be showing them to you soon! 

P.S. Thanks to the group for the photos!


  1. Sounds fabulous!! It's going to take the rest of the week for you to recover from your 'relaxing' weekend.

  2. What great fun!!! Its been a long time since I got away with 'the girls' and your post reminds me of why we all need to every now and then! I hope you're doing well, and this weekend has been a good one! :-)

  3. What a fun weekend with the group in spite of the weather!!

  4. Great post Deborah - it was fun! I look forward to more pics of your projects and I hope to get to the store soon to see your lovely "projects." You get so much done, I want to know what vitamins you take! btw, I think I may sell some items, with a friend, at the November Civitan sale. Do you ever go there for great finds?


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