Friday, July 19, 2013

Confessions of a Yard Saler

Neither heat indexes of 105, high humidity, or frizzy hair will deter me from my appointed rounds of ...

Yard sales!
I freely admit to a couple of addictions.  Obviously, by the title of this blog you know that Craigslist is one of them.  Yard sales, thrift shops, and auctions are right up there too. 
I just can't help myself when I see one of those signs that say Yard Sale with an arrow.


My car automatically turns in the direction of the arrow all by itself!  I get flushed with anticipation about what treasures I might find as I pull into the driveway, and my heart goes pitter pat.
It's a sickness.  It really is.
Sometimes I'm disappointed, sometimes not.  This last weekend I was pretty happy.
First I found this little Silver Crest dish for $4.

And this platter for four bucks.  I love how translucent it is!

Then, Arbuckles came into my life.  Look at this great crate!

It looks like someone took the crate and refurbished it with the hinged lid.  Or maybe it came this way -- the hinges look pretty old.

Arbuckles Coffee is still around, but  the crate looks vintage.  The woman I bought it from said she found it in her barn in Pennsylvania.  I love it.

(She also found a Civil War era crinoline in the barn she was selling. Don't you just love stories like that?  I wish I had an old barn!)

I was going to sell it, but I've decided to keep it.  I can stash extra pillows or throws in our family room, and it's big enough to use as a coffee table if I want. 
It was $30. 
My final purchase of the day was this little French chest of drawers.  I think it's a great size, and can be used for a variety of purposes.

And look at those legs! 

It needs some love, but it's in great shape. I'm thinking of Paris Gray for the paint, we'll see.  It will be going to Mr. P's.
All in all, a good haul for this excursion! But I hear more yard sales calling my name for this weekend ...  :)


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  1. Luv that sweet frenchy chest...GREAT SIZE!!


  2. You are crazy for sure, but I love that trunk! Try to keep cool...

  3. I’m coveting your trunk for style and storage. My weakness is books although a trunk like that would definitely come home with me too. Happy hunting, Deborah.


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