Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nantucket Spray & Seattle Mist Console

I decided to try Ce Ce Caldwell's chalk paint on this project.  Being a raised-in-Seattle girl, I had to try Seattle Mist, which is a pretty gray.
But seeing that I can't wait for Spring, I wanted to try a fresh "springy" color too. 
So why not both on one piece?
Here it is before.  Well kind-of.
Once again I was too anxious to get started and forgot to take a true "before" photo.  But you get the idea.  The hardware, which I didn't end up taking a photo of, was nice, but too small for the piece in my opinion.
There were some deep scratches that needed to be sanded, and some cracks that needed to be filled, then it was ready to paint.
First I painted the outside with a coat of Seattle Mist.  Then I did a wash with watered down Nantucket Spray.
The one difference I noticed between Ce Ce Caldwell's chalk paint and Annie Sloan's chalk paint was Ce Ce Caldwell's paint takes a bit longer to dry.  (I noticed this with the coat of Seattle Mist, so it wasn't a result of watering down the paint.)
Other than that it went on with pretty much the same consistency, and I love the colors.
I distressed with water and a rag, and waxed the outside with Ce Ce Caldwell's wax--which I LOVE!
On the inside I painted the shelves in straight Nantucket Spray.
I finished the piece with pale green knobs that I had on hand.  They just happened to be a close match to the straight Nantucket Spray color!
I'm sold on Ce Ce Caldwell's paint, and still love Annie Sloan's line.  What I really like is having the variety of colors to choose from now, and I definitely like CCC wax over ASCP wax.  It goes on easier, and doesn't streak. Just my opinion.  I do like the faster drying time of ASCP though.
I'm pretty happy with the look of the console.  I think the color combination looks kind of coastal.

A mist and a spray.
It's now hanging out at Mr. P's Emporium!
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  1. Yay! I'm glad you love CeCe's wax too! I love the colors and finish you did on this piece, it's beautiful! - Susan

  2. This piece looks even better in person ... great having lunch with you yesterday!! You KNOW I'm going to have to try CCC wax, based on your recommendation.

  3. What a pretty and unique piece! Nicely done!


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