Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brightening the Day with Spring Colors

Yesterday was a cold, rainy day here in Northern Virginia.
And my mood went along with the day.
I've been working my patooti off painting furniture, so I took a break to go file the necessary paperwork to move into the new space for Mr. P's Emporium.  I had called to get all the information, and downloaded the forms, so off I went.
I had to go to two different places. In the rain.  And the cold. 
Did I mention it was very windy? 
And my umbrella broke?
So after going to the Manassas Courthouse, I trek through the wind and the rain to City Hall, only to be told I have to come back because apparently the person who signs one of the certificates is only in on Wednesdays. 
Seriously?? They couldn't have told me that on the phone???

I really needed something to brighten my day.

Some pretty spring colors were just the thing.

A designer friend of mine sent me the new Vintage Moxie colors from Sherman Williams.  She thought the colors would perfect for some of my furniture.


I think she's right.

Benjamin Moore has some fresh new colors out as well:

The Coastal colors makes me think of spring and summer breezes.


The Pantone Institute put together this selection for the season called Sojourn.

The mossy green and the lavender just say spring to me.
I love how colors can change your mood and pick up your spirits. Just looking at these beautiful hues calmed me, and brightened my outlook.
I'm dreaming of spring when the colors will be all around us!

How about you?

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  1. In the dead of winter like this, I think it's natural to be craving some sort of color. Right now, for me, it's green and blue. All I want to do is to paint everything happy, garden, spring colors.

    Fingers crossed for you with your new space.


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