Friday, August 24, 2012

Famous Craigslist Addicts, and Weird Blog Randomness

I have a confession to make: 

I have a crush on Robert Pattinson.  Not one of those screaming teenage crushes, obviously.  He's only a few years older than my oldest stepson.  No, it's a combination of his being a talented, handsome guy with a British accent who makes me remember when I was a teenager with crushes, (but I was much too cool to scream, thank-you very much!), and he brings out the romantic in me -- I wish those kids, (meaning Rob and Kristen for those of you not up on your celebrity gossip) could find a way to make it work, because they seemed so happy together, and miserable apart.

People Magazine
But the thing that cemented the crush was I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.  And he had a confession of his own.

He's addicted to Craigslist!

Rotten Tomatoes

How can you not have a crush on a rich movie star who buys stuff on Craigslist?

So, you see fellow Craigslisters?  It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor; famous, not famous, the Craigslist habit is totally egalitarian. Once you find your first great bargain, you can't stop.

Just a warning.  My own little Public Service Announcement.

And speaking of famous .... errrr .... things .... last year I did a post about these chairs I found on Craigslist for $30 each.  The guy I bought them from told me that "famous butts" had probably sat in them, possibly President Eisenhower.  So I titled my post about them "Famous Butts ... Possibly."

Fast forward to the last couple of weeks, and I've been finding a strange URL showing up as a referring site in my stats.  I clicked on it to see what it was, and let's just say it is not a PG, or even a R-rated site. 

I've been thinking there was some kind of hacking going on. But today I finally figured it out when I looked closer at my  numbers for post pageviews and Google key word searches.  

The key words "famous butts" and my post about the chairs correlate with the referrals from the X-rated site!  So somehow they're all tied together.

I've got to laugh.  I mean really, can you imagine the disappointment of some weirdo trying to find pictures of famous people's naked posteriors only to be linked to my post about chairs I found on Craigslist??!!

Anyway, hope you have a great weekend.  I'm working on some things to show you next week!


  1. HA! I have had the same thing happen to me with the "famous butts" type thing....only worse and it was on my selling website. I am so innocent about such things and, like you, got a big laugh out of people looking for something dirty at my vintage website. ~ I am picking up something wonderful tomorrow I found on craigslist. They were outrageously priced to begin with and I would never have bought them even though they were so unique and then lo and behold I found them on craigslist (still in the boxes). I offered a price other than the one listed on Craigslist and she accepted. Yay for me. We meet at Panera Bread for the pick up tomorrow. I am so excited about this and share your enthusiasm for Facebook! Have a wonderful weekend and so sorry.....didn't mean to write a dissertation. :)

  2. oops....I meant to say "share your enthusiasm for Craigslist....not Facebook"....sheesh

  3. My husband was look for leather thongs as in shoelaces . . . you can take it from there on the spam he got. My secret crushes are on Sam Elliot and Tom Selleck. Neither of them are craigslist addicts that I know of. Can’t have everything. Have a good week.

    The other Lynn from Alabama

  4. That is too funny! I did see the Pattinson interview and though I'm also too old for him (and married to boot) he does just seem like a guy you want to hug. I have my own CL obsession, but I'm more closeted about it. I don't want the world to catch on to my secret stash. Unfortunately, I think they already have.

  5. Imagine you're selling something on CL, and you get a response from HIM! Robert Pattinson ... yeah, right. I wonder if he picks up the stuff himself or if he sends an assistant to do it for him.

    I got porno hits on my blog in the early days, with hits on 'Sweet Cindy'. It was a post about having one of our cats put to sleep. Taught me the value of key words in online searches, though.

    Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery, if you please.

  6. Love how y'all are sharing your crushes and x-rated blog experiences -- glad to know I'm not alone! And Lynn from Alabama, you and I have something in common: Sam Elliott! It's the voice and cowboy persona. My husband always lets me know when a movie with "your man" is on television! :-) Lynn@Vintage Nest, hope you share your new CL find soon!

  7. I sell on Craigslist Deborah and last year I sold an antique wooden adobe mold (that I bought years ago in El Paso Texas) to a nice young man. He was tall (about 6'3"), handsome, and could have been Robert's brother - sooooo cute. We chatted for about 45 minutes, about our shared love of all old wooden stuff, especially signs, columns, and anything wooden you can hang on the wall. I kept thinking... who do I know that I can fix him up with! So, yes, I get it :)


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