Sunday, August 7, 2011

They Take the Cake -- and a Lot More

I love cake stands.  I started collecting them for my wedding; instead of one traditional big cake I set up a variety of different cakes for our guests to chose from. Now, even though I already have a collection of different sizes and styles of cake stands, if I see one at a great price I can't pass it up.  They are just so versatile ... as long as you think outside of the (cake)box!

I recently picked these beauties up from a garage sale and one of my favorite thrift stores.  New and vintage cake stands can cost you any where from around $20 up. 

This blue china stand is so sweet.

The crystal one is pretty classic.

And I love the edge on this large milk glass stand.

In addition to looking great on a buffet table ...

Design Sponge

They make great candle holders.  I love this idea!


Look at this centerpiece idea from wedding and event designer Preston Bailey:

Preston Bailey

Or this one holding a beautiful flower arrangement.

Tie the Knot

I like to use a cake stand as a holiday centerpiece.  I put a large fat pillar candle in the middle of it and surround the candle with some of my vintage holiday ornaments.  I've also used them to hold hand towels in the bathroom and a collection of bracelets in my bedroom.

Wouldn't you feel elegant with a dressing table set up like this?

Apartment Therapy

Use one in the bathroom to corral toiletries.

Of course they make great candy, cookie or appetizer servers.

Pottery Barn

And this is a great idea for the kitchen! You could also use one to hold your spice containers near your stove.

Apartment Therapy

So if you have a few cake stands around try one of these ideas! 

(If you'd like to start your own collection, the three vintage stands shown above will be available in my Etsy store!)

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  1. Next up on my shopping adventures? A cake stand! I love the spice/oils idea. Adds elegance to items not associated with elegance!


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